Your Moving Day Survival Guide

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Moving day

Moving day is finally here! You’ve planned, packed, and arranged everything with your movers and it is finally time to do some heavy lifting! While the image of your new home is exciting, there is also a lot of stress that comes with moving.

Moving your entire life into a new home can be overwhelming. Our team at Regency Moving and Storage has been helping people move homes for over 20 years so we know firsthand that moving day can be very hectic. That’s why we decided to create this blog post! In it, we will discuss what you can expect on your moving day so you don’t have any surprises! We’ll also give you some of our best tips on how to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible!

What to Expect on Moving Day

Before your actual moving day arrives it is beneficial to create a checklist of things that need to be done the day of. Creating this list will help you prepare for the day and will also help reduce the amount of stress. Knowing what to expect when the day finally arrives is key for a successful moving day!

You're Going to be Tired

Chances are you’re probably not going to get much sleep the night before your moving day. Regardless of whether or not it’s nerves or excitement keeping you up, it is important to do your very best to go to bed at a decent time. You are most likely going to have to wake up pretty early and have enough time to eat breakfast so you can have all the energy you need for the day. Waking up early will give you plenty of time to do any last-minute preparations before the movers arrive and will also help any time delay occurring on your part.

Woman feeling tired

Know When Your Movers are Arriving

Regardless of If you have hired a team of moving professionals or just have friends and family coming to help you on moving day, it is important to know what time they are arriving! This will help you plan any last-minute tasks that need to be completed before the movers arrive and will ensure that you aren’t feeling pressure to complete these tasks upon their arrival.

Set Aside Items Not Being Loaded Into the Truck

There are certain essential items that should stay with you throughout the move and on moving day. These items include things such as important documents, an overnight bag, medication, chargers, and other electronic devices. You can place all of these things in a separate box before labeling it and setting the box aside. Make sure this box doesn’t get mixed up with all of the others and accidentally loaded onto the moving truck.

Ensure Your Property is Safe for the Move

Moving involves a lot of heavy lifting and shuffling around. The last thing you want to worry about on your moving day is injuring yourself or someone else getting injured. Take the time to secure your property and the environment around it while also making sure there is a convenient spot for the moving truck to park. You will need ample space for the truck so the movers can easily load items into it without the possibility of getting hurt or causing damage to your belongings.

Expect to Let Your Movers Take Control

Moving day

It is very important to remember that you hired movers for a reason! They are professionals who have done this time and time again and to avoid any stress it is important for you to let them take control of the process. On your moving day, the movers will know the best order to load your belongings into the truck and have special techniques for packing and loading all of your items. Preparing to put your full trust in the moving company ahead of time and letting them lead will not only ease your stress but will also ensure that your items are being handled with the utmost care and with a professional touch.

Your Moving Company will Take Inventory

When you work with a professional moving company for your moving day it is very common for them to compile a list of inventory for all of your belongings. This list will be checked off as each item is loaded onto the moving truck and will ensure that no items get lost or left behind. This also helps to avoid any confusion on moving days when you are working with multiple moving professionals, such as movers and moving helpers. The last thing you want to do is go over every box in detail while trying to move and moving professionals know that!

You'll Have to do Some Heavy Lifting

Even when you hire a professional moving company, it is likely that you will want to get involved in the action in some way. Whether it is helping load things into the truck or taking apart larger pieces of furniture so they can be loaded up you will be doing some sort of heavy lifting so it is important to dress for it. Wear comfortable clothing so that you can move around easily and closed-toed shoes so you don’t have to worry about dropping any furniture or boxes on your toes.

Have Water Available Not Just for the Movers but for you to

It is extremely important to stay hydrated on moving day and not just for the moving professionals. You will be doing a lot of moving around in addition to moving heavy items so you need to keep your energy up! Having water available in bottles or jugs can help you accomplish this while also helping the movers take frequent breaks when they are moving heavy items.

Removal Truck Waiting To Be Unloaded Outside New Home On Moving Day

Expect a Bill of Landing

Just as moving professionals compile a list of inventory to ensure no items get lost or left behind, they will also create a moving bill that details everything that has been loaded into and unloaded from the moving truck. The moving company should give this bill to you at the end of your move so there is never any disagreement about what was loaded and unloaded or how much the services cost.

Let us Help Out on Moving Day!

Your move is a big change for you and your family, but one that can be made stress-free with the help of Regency Moving and Storage! We have years of experience making moving days as easy as possible. To learn more about our moving services or to get a free quote please contact us today!

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