Regency looks forward to serving you and will make every effort to ensure a smooth transition during your move. It’s our family’s mission!

Storage Solutions

It’s as easy as A… B… C

Below are three tips to help make your move a smooth transition.

A: Appliances

Unplug, disconnect, empty, drain and tape the cords for every device in your home. Some items (gas appliances) may require a professional to disconnect them. Call them in advance of your move day. Secure all remote controls in a personal item “move in” box that you keep with you or in an obvious place.

B: Boxes

Tape (or retape previously packed) boxes, both top and bottom. Mark all boxes clearly for placement in your new home. All “Fragile” boxes should be marked in BOLD letters. Informing the mover of which end is up by clearing marking “TOP” or “THIS END UP” can also be helpful.

C: Clean Out

Clean out and organize the basement, attic, garage and shed prior to your pack or move. These areas can be the most time consuming for movers. A clean and organized environment can save you time and money. Don’t forget about these areas either. “Priceless” heirlooms may be lurking in the most remote areas of your home.

  • Always advise movers upon arrival of what they need to pack or move, what you’ll take care of, and what won’t be going. This way no mistakes will be made during this hectic day.
  • Never leave your old residence without making a final thorough inspection to be sure nothing has been left behind.
  • Always have a family representative at your new location to make sure items are placed in their proper area. Moves can become more time consuming if items are moved more than once at destination.