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Regency looks forward to serving you and will make every effort to ensure a smooth transition during your move. It’s our family’s mission!

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So, you’re starting to think about your long distance moving process, and while you’re excited to start life in your new home, you aren’t looking forward to everything that comes with making this stressful move. But that’s where our team at Regency Moving and Storage comes in! 

Long distance moving is a totally different ball game than local moving is because it involves moving your belongings across state lines. Regardless of whether or not you are moving a state away or across the country, any move that involves the crossing of state lines requires special, federal authority. This authority along with insurance requirements are designed to protect you during and after the move is complete. Learn more information about these requirements in the next section! 

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Intrastate Moving

To legally perform a move over 30 miles, the state of Virginia requires movers to be licensed and certified by the State Corporation Commission. This type of move is termed an "intrastate move." Regency Moving and Storage is a proudly licensed intrastate mover and is authorized to provide this type of moving service to its customers. It is important to note that intrastate moving is controlled and regulated by the State of Virginia for customer protection.

Intrastate Carrier ID:TS25005248

The Cost of Long Distance Moving

With Regency Moving and Storage, our long distance moving quotes take quite a few factors into account. This is because we know that each move is unique so we take the time to assess the weight or volume of your belongings, the amount of belongings you have, and the distance of your move. These factors along with the services you require help us to determine your expected moving costs. We know that each person’s moving needs are different and at Regency we are proud to offer free quotes for your long distance move! 

Everyone likes FREE stuff!

All Regency moving services include FREE on-site written estimates, free delivery of packing materials and supplies, full packing and/or unpacking services.

Our Long Distance Moving Services

Our team offers comprehensive moving, packing and storage services in addition to convenient add-on moving packages for all of your moving needs! 

Packing and Unpacking

Packing and unpacking can be the most overwhelming part of moving, and it is because of this that we offer top tier packing and unpacking services to make your move easier! 

Sometimes you may just not have the time to pack while you are getting everything else prepared for the move and our full and partial packing services are here to help you save time and eliminate any stress. Do you need help organizing and packing? Let us help by creating a custom plan that helps you stick to your long distance moving timeline.

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Long Distance Moving

Storage Services

Our team at Regency Moving and Storage has been rated one of the top long distance moving companies. We are fully equipped to handle all of your moving-related storage needs with our short term and long term storage services. You can count on us to provide storage solutions for your long distance move and your residential and commercial moves too! 

Car Shipping and Other Services

When you are moving long distance you have to ship your large items too. Our team at Regency helps to facilitate and carry out the move of these large items like cars to help make your move stress free. No matter what the distance may be, we are here to meet all of your moving needs and provide you with a seamless experience! 

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