Moving in Together: Tips for Combining Two Households

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Moving in together is a big step and it isn’t a decision to take lightly! While this new stage in your life is incredibly exciting there are some very important decisions that need to be made when it comes to combining two households.

You’ll have to think about how you are going to blend your possessions, handle shared finances, and determine who handles which household duties. These are all things that are important to consider before taking the plunge and moving in together. So before you start combining two households there are a few things you should do.

Tips for Moving in Together

Set Ground Rules Before Moving in Together

When moving in with someone there is always an adjustment period. You are now spending much more of your free time together and setting some ground rules can greatly work to ease the transition. Having an understanding of your individual roles in the house before moving in together is a great way to start. Take the time to sit down together and make a list of daily, weekly, and monthly chores and then agree on how to divide them up between each other.

Another thing you can do is outline how much time you will need to yourself. One partner may expect to spend more time together, while the other still anticipates needing alone time. Having an understanding about how you both plan to spend your time after moving in together will also help you set realistic expectations as well!

Take a Look at the Floor Plan

Taking the time to map out your home will help you experiment with different furniture or furniture arrangements before you even begin packing.

Regardless of whether or not you are staying in the same space and moving one partner in, you are still changing the layout of the home by bringing new items in. Because of this, it is helpful to take the time to measure the different rooms while also taking a look at all of your furniture.

Before you begin moving in together you and your partner should both agree on what should stay and what should go. For example, some couples decide to keep only items that they have purchased together. While others opt for purchasing brand new furniture to ensure that everything matches rather than have a mishmash of items that are functional but aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

You want the home you moving into together to be a place where both people feel comfortable. Making sure to compromise will help to make this process easier.

Decide What to Keep

Many couples who are moving in together will find that they have duplicates of some furniture pieces and appliances. From toaster ovens and coffee makers to bed frames and sofas deciding which items to keep and which to donate is an important part of combining two households.

Before the day of move in you and your partner should decide which items are of better quality or which items have sentimental value over others.

Another thing you should take into consideration is closet space. If it is limited then this is the perfect time for both of you to go through your clothing and get rid of or donate items that you no longer wear or no longer need.

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If there are items that you just can’t part with you may want to consider putting them into a storage unit or storing them in a garage or basement. However, when it comes to these items it is important to give yourself a time limit for how long you will keep these items to avoid accumulating a large number of belongings you have no need for.

Determine a Budget

Moving in together and combining households often means the combining of finances too. Because of this it is extremely important to set a budget while determining how various payments will be split.

Whether you are renting or own each home comes with utilities, insurance, and other various bills. For some this may mean setting up a joint bank account to pay for all living expenses, or it may mean deciding how to divide bills based on individual income.

Make a Renovations List Before Moving in Together

If you have renovations that need to be made in the home that you are moving into together, spending on new furniture may leave you without the funds needed for your repairs. Making a list of the repairs and renovations that you may need will help you keep these tasks in mind when you are making other monetary decisions during the move.

Remember Your Pets

When moving in together some couples have four legged friends that will be moving into the home as well. Ensuring that your pet has a private and safe space will help them become acclimated to their new home. You’ll want to consider where they are going to come in and out of the house, whether or not you’ll need an area for muddy paws if you need to add fencing, and where you will put pet beds, litter boxes and food bowls.

Address Conflict Peacefully When Moving in Together

Even the calmest and most loving couples can disagree about the fundamentals involved in moving. From what possessions to keep to who is responsible for what household chores it is easy for a conflict to arise. However, these moments of tension can be deflated quickly with compromise.

In every relationship, there is always give and take, and when it comes to moving in together this holds true. Being able to find a middle ground during these harder moments is an important part of living together.

Combining two households can be a tense and stressful time but partners who take the time to set clear boundaries and rules are setting themselves up for a much easier transition.

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