Storage – Mechanicsville VA

Burke Storage Solutions | Storage Services Burke

Storage of Mechanicsville household goods may be necessary during your move for a variety of reasons. At Regency, we’re experienced and familiar with a wide range of storage options. We offer safe, secure storage and can meet all your storage needs.

Regency Storage Provides Mechanicsville:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Short and long term storage
  • Clean, secure, and climate controlled warehouse
  • Furniture wrapped and protected onsite
  • Concise inventory management
  • Accountability
  • Free Estimate

Burke Storage Solutions | Storage Services BurkeTHE PROCESS... First, we inventory the contents of your household to identify each item by description and condition. This ensures accountability for your goods and offers peace of mind that you will receive everything in the same condition it was in when it was originally moved.

Second, all your furniture is pad-wrap protected. We use over-sized warehouse protective pads and carefully hand-wrap individual pieces to maintain the cleanliness and condition of your furniture.

The third step in preparing your furniture for storage is the loading of your goods into containers, referred to as "crates". Palletized storage is the most sensible way to store your goods. The crates are approximately 250 square feet in size and are cleaned and sanitized after every usage.

Burke Storage Solutions | Storage Services BurkeFinally, our warehouse staff carefully forklifts your containers into our palletized inventory. Containers are clearly marked, identified, and registered with our administrative staff in files created specifically for you. We bill you for storage on a monthly basis, and any charges are prorated daily for your warehouse occupancy. There are no minimum charges. If you anticipate being in storage for 1 year or longer, ask about our prepayment discounts.