Virginia Beach Services


Local Moving

Our moving team will do a "walk through" with the client to discuss any specific instructions for the move. Before starting, the movers will properly prepare the doorways, stairway railings, and main floor areas with blanket padding where needed. Furniture is then prepared for transportation by disassembling the necessary items.Your household goods are then properly loaded and securely strapped in the truck to insure safe transportation. Learn more about Local Moving in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Long Distance Moving

You’re moving long distance, and while you’re excited to start life in your new home, you aren’t looking forward to the stressful move. The moving process already comes with challenges, but moving long distance requires its own special kind of planning. You must consider long-distance shipping costs and regulations for long-distance moving companies. Learn more about Long Distance Moving in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

International Moving

You’re ready to move to and begin your life in a new country, but the task of getting there is daunting. The moving process can be stressful enough as it is, and the extra preparation needed for international moving can add to this stress. There’s a lot involved in moving your whole life to a new country and you have needs and expectations that must be met for your transition. Learn more about International Moving in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Office Moving

If your office or business is moving to a new location, you want to be taken care of every step of the way to make your move a success. Moving can feel like a hassle and along with the need to ensure your office’s items are transferred securely, you need help packing, unpacking, and setting up your new office space. Learn more about Office Moving in Virginia Beach, Virginia.



At Regency Moving and Storage, we understand the care that must be taken when shipping your items. As part of our moving services, we can supply you with the necessary packing materials and supplies to keep your items safe, including cardboard boxes, packaging tape, packing peanuts or other protective materials, and more. If you prefer professionals to pack up and load your belongings, we offer expert packing and unpacking services. Learn more about our Packing Services in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Storage of household goods may be necessary during your move for a variety of reasons. At Regency, we’re experienced and familiar with a wide range of storage options. We offer safe, secure storage and can meet all your storage needs. Learn more about our Storage Services in Virginia Beach, Virginia.